The NYC Steam Cleaner That Works

Steam cleaners are proven to tackle the worst carpet stains. We invite you to check out our NYC Steam Cleaner at its best. It's true, a store bought carpet steam cleaner can provide you with a good carpet cleaning but since we are a professional carpet cleaning company, we've beefed up our steamers just a bit. Just imagine, the power of hot water extraction multiplied times ten or so. That means more vapor power, steaming hot or cold water, more deeply penetrating suds, foams and shampoos to totally disintegrate dust, bacteria, mold and mildew. With our NYC Steam Cleaner you can rest assured that all those allergens have been extracted and those tough mud or wine stains and carpet spots have been broken up and removed.

But the fun doesn't stop there with our NYC Steam Cleaner. We've also added beefed up truck mounted systems into our arsenal of carpet cleaning equipment so that your carpets are really in for the cleaning of a lifetime. Not only do truck mounts provide extra engine power for regular steam cleaners but they also provide for added suction power which enables all soaps and shampoos to be completely drained, leaving you nothing but a clean dry carpet.

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Testimonials & Reviews
Hala Jabakhanji
Daniel was very professional, answered all questions accordingly, and the service was quick and got better result than expected. Will be using again in the near future and I highly recommend them to everyone.
Melba Lopez
They always communicated with us. They were very professional. My Sofa and loveseat look like brand new.
Drea Rodriguez
The service provided for cleaning our 2 area rugs today was amazing! Our technician was super knowledgeable and he throughly explained the process of cleaning our rugs and future information! I will definitely be using this service again!
Dennis McGruder
I wanted to get my carpets steam cleaned so I hired these professionals. SO glad I did because they were superb at their job. They removed every spot of stain from my carpet and now it looks almost like new.
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