NYC Carpet Cleaning Health Program

Have you ever thought about the influence of carpet cleaning health on your everyday life? Carpets are found in many households and meant to be both visually appealing and functional. NYC Carpet Cleaning offers the best carpet care program to maintain healthy environment for you and your carpets.

NYC Carpet Cleaning Health Program Offers:

  • Safe NYC Carpet Cleaning Products - it is a well known fact that not all ingredients presented in carpet cleaners are safe for use and that includes acids, disinfectants, formaldehyde, pesticides and sodium hydroxide. If you are subjected to chronic respiratory problems and allergies then you better know which carpet cleaning supplies enter your home.

    NYC carpet cleaners are all biodegradable, organic and do not contain harsh chemicals such as Hydrofluoric Acid, Perchloroethylene, Tributyl Tin or Nitrilotriacetate. Green carpet cleaning is our company's motto.

  • NYC Steam Cleaning Equipment - to achieve better results when carpet cleaning, vacuuming is no longer enough. Dust, dirt and bacteria live inside the carpet's fibers and during vacuuming, airborne particles are being released into our breathing zone causing breathing disorders and allergy symptoms to reappear.

    Our steam cleaning machines are eco friendly and suitable to a variety of individual needs. The power of steam is beyond compare.

  • Better Indoor Air Quality with NYC Carpet Cleaners - the link between carpet cleaning and indoor air quality is a direct link and this is a place to talk about New York City dry carpet cleaning method.

    Dry carpet cleaning method extracts deep down soil, debris, and other contaminants from the carpets by controlling the amount of moisture that is used without leaving soap and water residue. Your carpet is ready for use within minutes! The dry carpet cleaning method is an important part of inspiring good indoor air quality.

Now that the importance of carpet cleaning health has been fully discussed, our experts will be happy to complete any cleaning related task to your compete satisfaction using only plant-derived carpet cleaning supplies.

Call 646-688-2878 and Gain a Healthy Clean Carpet With NYC Carpet Cleaners!

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Hala Jabakhanji
Daniel was very professional, answered all questions accordingly, and the service was quick and got better result than expected. Will be using again in the near future and I highly recommend them to everyone.
Melba Lopez
They always communicated with us. They were very professional. My Sofa and loveseat look like brand new.
Drea Rodriguez
The service provided for cleaning our 2 area rugs today was amazing! Our technician was super knowledgeable and he throughly explained the process of cleaning our rugs and future information! I will definitely be using this service again!
Dennis McGruder
I wanted to get my carpets steam cleaned so I hired these professionals. SO glad I did because they were superb at their job. They removed every spot of stain from my carpet and now it looks almost like new.
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