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NYC Wood Floor Refinishing offers wood floor refinishing & cleaning in New York City, as wood floors have always been a steady favorite amongst many homeowners in terms of floor covering. Hardwood flooring has its own distinct form of elegance; beautiful and timeless, a piece of design most people would want for their homes.

But to maintain hardwood flooring's original state of beauty, constant maintenance and caring should be employed by the homeowner, otherwise, your flooring which was once a great piece of design might deteriorate and can eventually mess up your entire homes in the end.

Below are some tips that homeowners can follow to make sure that their wood floor lasts a long time:

  1. Walk off mats or rugs should be placed at each entry way to collect and trap dirt from shoes, slippers and the likes. These particles when passed onto the hardwood flooring can scratch or scrape its finish.
  2. Wood floor is probably the easiest floor type to clean. A simple wood floor cleaner can be used in erasing regular scruffs or heel marks. Any sticky spots or areas in the floor can be easily removed by a damp sponge or towel.
  3. It is a must to remember not to use excessive water to clean your floor as wood floors are known to crack, splinter and naturally expand when it is wet.

If at some point in time your wood floor suffered a level of wear and tear that can't be resolved by regular cleaning, you might want to have it screened and recoated. This process consists of stripping your floor of its current polyurethane finish then applying a new one.

Doing this will revive the life of your hardwood flooring. If the damage to the floor is more severe and can't be solved by mere screening or recoating, you might want to sand the floor and have it refinished.

Be informed that this should be done by contractors who are experts on the field. We at NYC Carpet Cleaning can do wood floor refinishing in no time and can save you a lot of trouble in terms of restoring your damaged hardwood floor. Contact NYC Wood Floor Refinishing for further details at 646-688-2878.

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