Useful Carpet Cleaning Tips

NYC Carpet Cleaning has assembled just a few tips to help you improve your carpet cleaning routine. These short advices by no means replace the need for professional carpet cleaning to be performed at least twice a year.

Here are some basic tips for cleaning carpets:

  • Removing carpet spots:

It's important to remember that as a first aid remedy, blotting or scrapping out as much of the stain or spot as possible, as soon as possible, usually makes a great difference. Carpet spots are often the outcome of common house spills such as: red wine, food solids and liquids. If you can blot out as much of the spill when it happens it usually would not form a carpet spot. Applying commercial carpet cleaning solutions afterwards will remove the spot completely in 90% of all cases.

Well, the usual answer is - treat the spill as soon as it occurs!

The household technique that works is as follows:

  1. As soon as stain occurs blot out to the best of your ability.
  2. Then proceed in mixing 1 quart of warm water with 1 teaspoon of a mild detergent and 1 teaspoon of vinegar (preferably white).
  3. When the solution is ready pour it onto the stain and wait until it dries out.
  4. When the carpet is dry apply dry cleaning solution.
  5. Check to see if the carpet is completely dry.
  6. Proceed to vacuum the carpet.

Most house furniture is covered with upholstery. But upholstery cleaning reacts differently depending on the type of upholstery in question.

There are three basic types of upholstered furniture and each needs different care:

  1. Vinyl - Vinyl upholstery requires to be cleaned only in pure soap products. Any oil cleaning solutions may harden the upholstery and must not be used. Best way of cleaning vinyl upholstery is by using baking soda and a cloth.
  2. Leather - same as vinyl, only pure soaps without detergents.
  3. Other fabrics - most can be shampooed without a problem. Look out for the dry clean only label on some upholstered furniture. These furnishings must be spot cleaned with solvents.
  • Clean Carpet Vacuuming

Always remember to vacuum regularly (at least twice a week) in order to keep dust mites at bay.

While vacuuming aerate your house to allow air carried dust particles to ventilate outside. Using vacuums in this way will help stabilize dust mite levels in your house and lift that stuffiness often experienced in old carpets and unventilated homes.

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