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At NYC Tile and Grout Cleaning we know that ceramic is probably the most popular and commonly used type of flooring for kitchens and bathrooms. Why? Because it doesn't easily absorb dirt and water unlike any other types of flooring's. But on the downside, it can be quite a challenge to keep it clean, particularly the grout lines.

Regular cleaning can make the tile surface of your floors look like new, but the chances of the same happening to the grout is quite slim. Why? Because the tiny pores in the grout can allow dirt, debris and other contaminants to become caught beneath the surface, where it can't be removed by regular sweeping or mopping.

If not attended, these surfaces can be a breeding ground for molds and mildew which overtime can be detrimental to your family's health.

Kitchen and Bathroom Grout Cleaning

A grout is typically a thin plaster used to fill cracks and crevices in masonry, or for finishing ceilings and walls. For ceramic tiles, grout lines are the hardest part to keep clean and unsullied; and if not given proper care and maintenance, these grouts can begin to disintegrate causing damage to your flooring. To prevent this from occurring, it's advisable to have a thorough tile grout cleaning by the experts of NYC Tile and Grout Cleaning every once in a while.

We have to admit that tile grout cleaning can be a very tedious job. Most likely, your next best step in prolonging the life of your floor and making sure that your tile grouts are well taken cared of is to hire NYC Tile and Grout Cleaning that will do the job for you.

We have our own set of well trained professionals who can appraise the damage, clean and restore your tile and grout lines back to its original state by employing the use of the latest equipments that's been tested to beat even the nastiest tile grout.

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