NYC Carpet Cleaning Machines Difference

Carpet cleaning equipment is used in many different ways. We'd like to take a minute to explain the added difference our NYC Carpet Cleaning Machines bring into the equation. There's a huge gap between a commercial carpet cleaning machine, like truck mounts, and a store bought vacuum and steam cleaner. The main difference in most machines and NYC carpet cleaning equipment is power and capacity. While household brushes, brooms and vacuums help in basic carpet cleaning maintenance they often lack the power or volume of cleaning that our NYC Carpet Cleaning Machines possess. A good point of reference is that our steam cleaners, for instance, can perform extensive carpet cleaning with much more force which enables the hot water extraction method to be extremely effective.

Being the professionals we are our NYC Carpet Cleaning Machines are always kept to the highest standards. We constantly purchase new carpet cleaning machines to improve our equipment stocks. Maintenance is also part of our daily routine and we work hard to replace any broken nozzle, suction system or broken truck mount so that our carpet cleaning supplies are always good and ready for their next cleaning.

Types of cleaning machines we use:

  • Truck mounts - for hot water extraction. A transported cleaning system mounted on vehicles utilizing long sleeve nozzles which extract and use suction to clean carpets.
  • Steam cleaners - powerful carpet steam cleaners.
  • Commercial vacuums - covering bigger spaces and much more powerful.
  • Delicate carpet cleaning tools - such as brushes and carpet repair kits which allow for precise carpet fiber care and maintenance.

These differences make us the best home carpet cleaning in NYC.

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